Consulting Activity

frec'n'sys develops its own software dedicated to design and simulation.
CAD has an important place in the company. Products fabricated in our clean room are designed by the R&D department. Theory and practice are very close: we are able to forecast the response of the device.
Moreover, frec'n'sys supports its clients on technological issues.

frec'n'sys intervention depends on clients needs:
Client :
  • give some specifications (filter, resonator, sensor, environment...)
  • suggest some design
  • prepare the pre-production paper (GDS files)
Client :
  • give a filter, resonator, sensor
frec'n'sys :
  • simulate the response
  • test and validation
Client :
  • give a filter, resonator, sensor
frec'n'sys :
  • optimization process (more compact component, enhanced performance)